Friday, January 28, 2011

KALO Scarves for Sale!

Friends have been liking the knitting I've been doing, so I thought I'd open up and let my 'friends of friends' buy them if they'd like. It keeps me busy and I love trying new colors.
My scarf style is simple yet sophisticated, cute, and very warm for this cold weather!

Buy one as a gift, they're very pretty and you can say you knit it yourself! I make childrens' sizes too so bundle up your little one and keep them warm for the rest of this cold and snowy season!

I will expand later on to different types of material and hopefully different patterns. For now, I offer the above style of scarf with any of the many colors you'd like from below:

I can knit with two or more colors and make a striped scarf. "Painterly" colors, which are many of the colors, provide a striped look but uses just one colored yarn. I have specified the painterly colors by marking with a "*".

I will knit the scarf to be 72 inches long for adult (6 feet), and 55 inches for child size (4 and a half feet).

If you'd like extra long (in adult only), it will be up to 100 inches, depending on how much longer you prefer.

Regular width is 4.5 inches, extra wide is 6.5, but can make your width anywhere between if you'd like.

I also offer two types of tassles. The first is looped- to prevent fray and they keep keep a bold and beatuiful look.

The other is cut, which gives the ends of the scarfs a soft, glowing look and can look gorgeous on certain color patterns. You choose the type you'd like! Even mixing it up looks great!

You can e-mail me at or

call me at (203) 273-9818 to place your custom order.

Shipping is included!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IU Student Faced Drug Charges

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) - The Indiana University student who died from an apparent drug overdose was arrested over the summer on drug charges.

24-Hour News 8 has learned Brian Macken was arrested in Aug. in Greenwich, Conn. for allegedly dealing drugs out of his home.

Macken took the fall semester off of school and had just returned to campus for the spring semester when he was rushed from the Phi Sigma Kappa house after an apparent overdose.

University police did find evidence of possible drug use at Macken’s dorm room, though officials didn’t release the cause of Macken’s death. Police say Macken apparently used drugs before going to the frat house.

Macken is a native of Greenwich, Conn. and was known in the community for his time on his high school’s hockey team, according to local newspaper Greenwich Time.

In a news release, the IU Police Department said, “The entire university community is saddened by this loss.”

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Greenwich Police Investigate Teen’s Death

Friends, family mourning loss of Riverside teen
A music lover with a big heart and lots of friends is how the parents of a Riverside teenager will always remember their son, who died unexpectedly over the weekend at age 18.

But for the moment, the family of Christopher Harris is just trying to come to terms with its devastating loss.

"It has been very difficult," said Christopher Harris Sr., the teen's father. "It was sudden and not expected. In our hearts, there is just a huge hole, and it will be a long time, if ever, to fill that hole."

Harris died Saturday after he was found unresponsive at his home on Florence Road around 9 a.m., prompting a response from paramedics and police. Harris was transported to Stamford Hospital shortly after medics rendered advanced life support, officials said. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Greenwich police said they are investigating the "untimely" death of the Riverside teenager.

An autopsy was performed Monday by the Office of the Chief State's Medical Examiner. Police said the cause of death is pending while they await the completion of toxicology tests.

"Preliminary investigation reveals that although Mr. Harris had some underlying medical issues it is likely that intoxicants were a contributing factor in his death," police said in a news release issued Monday afternoon.

Christopher Harris Sr. said it appeared to be a normal night at their home Friday, but he found his son in his bed and not breathing on Saturday morning. The father performed CPR until police and medics could take over.

"We don't really know what happened," Harris said. "He had been diagnosed with (mononucleosis) two days prior. At this point we don't know. He went to bed Friday night and everything seemed fine."

Mononucleosis is a viral infection causing fever, sore throat and swollen lymph glands, especially in the neck.

Harris' mother, Karen Harris, said while the past few days have been extremely difficult, the outpouring of support from family and friends -- especially on Facebook -- has held them up.

"I couldn't look at it at first," said Karen Harris of her son's Facebook page. "But I couldn't sleep, so I just finally got up 4 a.m. (Sunday), sat down in his room on his computer and saw 200, if not more, posts. It was overwhelming."

Harris graduated from Greenwich High School in 2010 and was a freshman at the University of New Haven, where he was studying music engineering in hopes of becoming a music producer. He had a studio at home and often made music, using influences from various genres.

"He loved writing music," his father said. "That was his passion."

Harris' mother said one of his biggest musical influences was the Dave Matthews Band, a group Christopher saw live nearly 80 times. He also played football and rugby.

Harris is the grandson of Griffith E. Harris, a three-term first selectman for the town from 1952 to 1958 who was heavily involved in the community throughout his life. The town's only public golf course is named in his honor. He died in 1998.

Christopher Harris was also a loving older brother to his sister Emily Harris, who is a sophomore at Greenwich High School, his parents said.

"You are my best friend," wrote Emily Harris on her brother's Facebook page. "I'll be strong for you and I know you will always watch over me. Everyone is going to love you up there. Don't stop laughing and loving."

In addition to being a devoted son and brother, Karen and Christopher Harris Sr. said they were also always amazed with how many different types of friends their son had.

"He had a very diverse group of friends in different circles," his father said, remembering how his son often hung out with athletes, musicians and everyone in between. "Chris was the centerpiece that glued those guys together."

Charlie Collins, 19, was one of Harris' close friends, who said he was shocked to hear about his friend's death.

"No one had a bad thing to say about him," said Collins, who is delaying his trip back to college in order to attend the funeral. "He was good at making light of any situation."

Collins described Harris as athletic and outgoing.

On Facebook, hundreds of friends described what Harris meant to them.

"Greenwich just lost the most kind hearted, sincere person it had," read one posting by Jessica Stahl.

"I have so many great memories and miss u so much," read another post by Andrew Coffey. "(You) were the best friend anyone could ask for and u loved and cared about everyone."

Calling hours for the family will be from noon and 3 p.m. and 5 and 9 p.m. Friday at Leo P. Gallagher & Sons on Arch Street. A funeral service will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday at the First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich.


NBC Connecticut- Greenwich police are investigating the untimely death of a teen.

Police responded to 4 Florence Road at 9:22 a.m. on Saturday after receiving a report about an unresponsive 18-year-old man and found Christopher Harris unconscious and unresponsive, police said.

Emergency crews started rendering aid and Harris was transported to Stamford Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead.

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner has performed an autopsy and the cause of death is pending the completion of toxicology analysis.

Police said the preliminary investigation reveals that Harris had some underlying medical issues, but it is likely that intoxicants were a contributing factor in his death.

The Greenwich Police Detective Division is investigating a criminal investigation.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Woman Builds French-Style Mansion on Skid Row

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. - Looming over a barren industrial neighborhood locals call skid row, stands Gertrude Zachary's castle.

Rising like a fortress between a rescue mission and the railroad tracks, the estate is encircled by a wall 10 feet high. Within is a pool, courtyard garden, guest home and a 8,500-square-foot main home with four turrets each rising 50 feet into the air.

The estate is a showcase for Ms. Zachary's collection of religious art, stained glass windows and antique arched doors purchased in Europe and elsewhere. The arched brick entryway echoes the transept of a Gothic church. On the first floor, several reception rooms flow together, under a 12-foot ceiling. An iron banister staircase leads to the second floor, with its two bedrooms and a playroom for Ms. Zachary's grandchildren. An adjacent bathroom is home to a large, wooden unicorn.

On the walls, Ms. Zachary has hung modern paintings alongside quirky framed collections, such as gun shell casings, sequined vintage purses and miniature crowns that once adorned religious statues. She has a particular affection for soft, glittering lights: She's hung 210 chandeliers, many of them hand-blown in Murano, Italy. To clean them takes four days of work on the part of the estate's caretaker.

Ms. Zachary's home, across from a shuttered restaurant and abutting the parking lot of a raucous bar, is the only apparent residence in the desolate neighborhood. Lush blue-green velvet curtains and centuries-old door and window frames overlook parking lots, an overpass and a billboard advertising Ms. Zachary's antique and jewelry business. Ms. Zachary's daughter, Erica Hatchell, who lives in a more affluent area, said her mother couldn't be dissuaded from building here. "Nobody else would have made that decision," she said.

"I like downtown," said Ms. Zachary, 73, noting that cities such as Paris and New York have homes in industrial areas. Married and divorced three times, she lives in her estate with her Shih Tzu named Zipper.

There's no shortage of color to Ms. Zachary's life. Her father, Julius E. Witzky, was the chief engineer at Mercedes-Benz. His family said he helped design the U-boat and the Hindenburg, the doomed airship. She received a jewelry manufacturing plant in a divorce settlement from her third husband in the mid-1970s, and her fortune grew as she expanded the business and made well-timed real estate investments.

In 2000, Ms. Zachary bought a parking lot adjacent to her downtown antiques store for $250,000-a fraction of the price of a similar piece of land in the city's more desirable residential neighborhoods. It also boasted a 360-degree view of the Rio Grande valley and was a quick drive to her three nearby stores and a manufacturing plant. Because the 0.589-acre lot was downtown, Ms. Zachary's plans-her home was inspired by one in Paris-won easy approval from the city, which makes new home construction difficult in most areas because of its stringent rules to protect historic neighborhoods.

When construction began in 2006, few believed it would become a house. Some thought it looked like a concrete castle; one wondered if it might be a new Scientology building. But the result, completed in 2008, drew praise from architects and builders alike. While Ms. Zachary said she spent $2.1 million to build the mansion, a knowledgeable local expert estimated it cost perhaps double that amount. The assessed value of the home and land is $1.3 million.

With her eye always on business, Ms. Zachary occasionally opens up her home for local fund-raisers, "People see how beautiful the chandeliers are and we usually end up selling a couple chandeliers the next day," she said. Indeed, some of the furnishings in the home still have tags on them.

But some items she'll never sell, such as the intricate wood-panel walls and cornices, purchased from a local men's furnishings store that went out of business. Ms. Zachary's builder fit the dark ash panels to one of the walls of the home's large reception space.

Likewise, she purchased etched glass from Paris and soaring arched doors from an estate in Buenos Aires, and designed her home to fit them. After 10 years of collecting in Europe, she owns a wardrobe said to be from a Parisian brothel, where the girls use to hide, as well as a cradle said to have been made for Napoleon III's infant son, which now sits decoratively in the second floor bedroom of her guest house.

Does she truly believe it belonged to him? "It's a nice story," she said, her brown eyes looking amused.

Ms. Zachary has made a few unusual decisions, such as installing in her garage some arched stained glass panels sold from a de-sanctified church in Pittsburgh. She said she's not sure why she made that decision, but her daughter Erica explained that at night, when the garage lights are on, the windows are a beautiful way to welcome her home.

For her wardrobe, Ms. Zachary has devoted one clothes closet to dark colors and the other to light. "Anything to be unique," laughed Erica

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trauma Cited in Mysterious Ark. Bird Kill

USA Today - A mysterious event that caused thousands of red-wing blackbirds to rain down from the sky New Year's Eve in the Arkansas town of Beebe may have occurred when loud noises or fireworks frightened a flock that roosts in a neighborhood, causing them to fly into buildings and other obstacles, a state ornithologist said.

But others still think weather could have played a role.

Preliminary necropsies on the dead birds by the state Livestock and Poultry Commission "showed trauma," said Karen Rowe, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission ornithologist. "The birds obviously hit something very hard and had hemorrhages." Beyond that, all the birds were healthy.

The state is also performing chemical and disease testing, but the results will take a week.

Neighbors reported five to 12 booming noises in the eastern part of Beebe, a community of 5,000 northeast of Little Rock. "They reported it sounding like a cannon or transformer exploding," but officials are still investigating to find out what the noises were, Rowe said.

The flock then rose from its roost and tried to fly away, but possibly because of fireworks in the sky "they naturally wouldn't want to go up high," she said. "They were below the roof line, so they were hitting houses, mail boxes, chimneys and walls."

Blackbirds have very poor night vision.

The first calls about the incident came in at about 11 p.m. on New Year's Eve, according to Keith Stephens, with the Game and Fish Commission.

"They told us there were birds falling out of the sky. After we verified that this wasn't some kind of prank, one of our wildlife officers went over there and sure enough, there were birds falling," he said.

The Department of Emergency Management tested the air and found nothing amiss, so the state isn't putting out any health warnings, he said.

Many theories being floated about causes of the die off can be discounted, said Dan Cristol, a professor of biology at the Institute for Integrative Bird Behavior Studies at the College of William & Mary in Virginia. The birds couldn't have eaten a fast-acting pesticide because they would have eaten it during the day and died long before they began to roost at night, he said. A slower-acting pesticide wouldn't have affected them all at the same time. A hail storm is unlikely because they would have had to be flying for that to happen, and at that hour red-wing blackbirds are asleep.

Rough weather had hit the state earlier Friday, but the worst of it was well east of Beebe by the time the birds started falling, said Chris Buonanno, a forecaster with the National Weather Service in North Little Rock.

But one expert said he can't discount weather as a cause.

"Thousands of birds encountered something, whether it was a lighting strike or hail or something, and that caused the trauma and death," said Robert Meese, an avian ecologist at the University of California-Davis. "I don't see any way that they could have flown into obstructions, because then the birds should have been at the base of the objects. ... This was a scattering."

The number of dead blackbirds is more than 3,000, Rowe said. "Environmental Services says they picked up approximately 2,000 birds." There were others they couldn't reach, she said, and "scavengers probably carried off quite a bit — if you're a cat, it's Christmas dinner."

Red-wing blackbirds are native to North America and gather in large flocks in the winter, generally settling near food sources for weeks at a time, said Mike Parr of the American Bird Conservancy in Washington, D.C.

The number of birds that died Friday is high, he noted, but "to put the number in perspective, windows, communication towers, power lines and wind turbines kill tens of millions of birds each year, probably hundreds of millions."

In an unrelated event, a major fish kill was reported on the Arkansas River last week, Stephens said. Approximately 80,000 to 100,000 dead freshwater drum were found along a 17-mile stretch of the river, about 100 miles from Beebe, between the Ozark Lock and Dam and a point due south of Hartman.

State officials believe the fish kill was disease related. Specimens have been sent to state labs for testing.

The incidents — coming during a traditionally slow news period — made for a wild weekend for state Game and Fish staffers.

"It's the craziest thing I've ever experienced and I've been doing this for 25 years," Stephens said. "I'll bet you I've had 100 calls today, I've done 25 interviews. I did Al-Jazeera live last night."

'All Chaos Broke Loose,' Says Witness of Arizona Shooting

(CNN) -- It was a day and an event like so many others -- until it wasn't.

Six people were killed and 12 others wounded, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, when a gunman opened fire in front of a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona, Saturday morning, authorities said. The congresswoman had been hosting a meeting with constituents when the attack began.

"It was continuous shooting. There was no breaking between it. They walked up and, I'm assuming, just kept firing. It sounded like tons of pots and pans falling down on the ground right next to my ear it was so loud," said Jason Pekau, an employee of a business near the Safeway grocery store.

He heard about 15 to 20 gunshots.

Pekau said he was about 50 yards from where the shooting took place, and he described the parking lot immediately after the attack.

"I just saw people running, screaming towards where the shooting happened. Everyone screaming that it was Gabrielle Giffords," he said.

Giffords was shot in her head and was in critical condition Saturday afternoon following surgery, Dr. Peter Rhee of University Medical Center in Tucson told reporters. A 9-year-old girl and a federal judge were among the dead.

"I did see them take her away on a stretcher," Pekau said about the congresswoman. "She was moving from what I saw with my own eyes."

"From what I'm being told from people that had seen it, she was shot point-blank in the head by the shooter and then after that, basically, all chaos broke loose," he said.

Bullets flew through the window of the grocery store, he said.

Pekau said he saw several people being taken away by rescue workers on stretchers and watched as they were loaded into medical helicopters. At least two people were flat on the sidewalk in front of Safeway, he said. It was not immediately clear whether they were dead or waiting for assistance.

Video from the scene showed one of Giffords' banners still hanging in the storefront. Yellow tape was draped around the parking lot as police began their initial investigation.

Giffords won her third term in a closely contested race against a Tea Party-sponsored candidate and was one of three Democratic legislators who reported vandalism at their offices following the March vote on health care reform.

President Barack Obama spoke from Washington soon after the attack, calling it a national tragedy.

He underlined how simply the day began -- like any other.

"It's not surprising that today, Gabby was going what she was always does -- listening to the hopes and concerns of her neighbors," said Obama, referring to the congresswoman by her nickname. "That is the essence of what our democracy is all about."

Friday, January 7, 2011

Stepmother's Aunt: Zahra Baker Died of Natural Causes

RALEIGH — A relative of Zahra Baker's stepmother says the woman told her the little girl died of natural causes before being dismembered.

Boncetta “Buzzie” Winkler of Hickory told The Associated Press Wednesday that she visited her niece, Elisa Baker, in jail this week. The meeting was first reported by WSOC-TV in Charlotte.

Winkler says she was told that 10-year-old Zahra had been sick for two weeks before she died. Winkler says Elisa Baker told her that she and her husband panicked and dismembered the girl, scattering her body parts in various locations.

No one has been charged in Zahra's death. Elisa Baker is in jail on charges of obstructing the investigation.

Calls to lawyers in the case weren't immediately returned late Wednesday.

Man Gets Life Without Parole in Gruesome Ohio Murders

(CNN) -- An Ohio man pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to life without parole for killing and dismembering a woman, her son and her friend and hiding their bagged remains in the hollow of a tree.

Matthew Hoffman, 30, pleaded guilty to all 10 counts, including three counts of aggravated murder and the kidnapping of one of the victim's 13-year-old relatives, in Knox County, Ohio, in November.

According to his attorney, Hoffman said he committed the crimes after encountering Tina R. Herrmann when he entered the house during a burglary attempt.

But the sister of Stephanie Sprang, one of the other victims, said there was no excuse for him killing Herrmann and waiting for the other victims to come to the house.

"Death is too easy for him and we would rather pay tax dollars and let him suffer and live and deal with what he did every day," Sherrie Baxter told CNN affiliate WSYX.

The remains of Herrmann, 31, her son, Kody, and Stephanie Sprang, 41, were found November 18 in a rural area after they had been missing 10 days from Herrmann's home. Autopsy results indicated they had been stabbed to death and dismembered.

Hoffman, who worked as a tree trimmer, was indicted Monday and the plea and sentencing agreement were detailed during a hearing Thursday.

"The indictment alleges that Hoffman purposely caused the deaths of Tina R. Herrmann, Ms. Herrmann's son Kody Maynard, age 11, and her neighbor Stephanie L. Sprang, on November 10, 2010," prosecutors said about the indictment. "The aggravated murder charges further allege that Hoffman murdered the victims while he was committing the offense of aggravated burglary in Herrmann's residence."

The indictment did not include death penalty specifications, authorities said, "in accordance with the wishes of the victim's families."

CNN left a message for Hoffman's attorney, Bruce Malek, who told WSYX that Hoffman had remorse for what he did and felt it was important for the victims' remains to be found. Police previously had said Hoffman provided information leading to the recovery of the remains.

The 13-year-old girl was found bound and gagged in the basement of Hoffman's home in Mount Vernon, Ohio, about 20 miles from Herrmann's home in Howard, Ohio. Hoffman was charged with one count of rape for allegedly assaulting the girl, prosecutors said.

Besides the aggravated murder, aggravated burglary, kidnapping and rape charges, Hoffman faced a charge of tampering with evidence for allegedly removing some clothing and bedding from Herrmann's residence in order to hinder the investigation, authorities said.

He also pleaded guilty to three counts of abuse of a corpse. Prosecutors those charges were filed because "the victims' remains were not intact when recovered by authorities in a hollow tree" in Kokosing Lake State Wildlife Area.

According to the Columbus Dispatch, in a statement read by Knox County Prosecutor John Thatcher, the girl said: "This has changed my whole life and my family's life, too." In the statement, the teen related memories of the victims and said she's no longer frightened of Hoffman.

"This is so sickening, Matthew, to know you even had the guts to do this to a family," she said in the statement.

Herrmann failed to report to work at a Dairy Queen in Mount Vernon on November 10, Knox County Sheriff David Barber told CNN affiliate WBNS. A deputy twice went to her home and saw her pickup truck there. No one answered the door, though lights were on in the home.

Later in the week, blood was found in the home, leading authorities to suspect foul play.

Sprang's father, Steve Thompson, said he was satisfied with the sentence.

"They are many answers that I still need," he told WSYX. "I am confident and sure we will find them later on down the road."

L.A. Officials Receive Video of Men Sexually Assaulting Disabled Women

Los Angeles, California (CNN) -- Los Angeles County Sheriff's investigators made a public appeal Thursday in seeking at least four men who were videotaped sexually assaulting at least 10 women who appear to be severely disabled, including women in a care home.

The video came from 11 DVDs that an anonymous tipster dropped off last March at the Sheriff's Department headquarters in Monterey Park, California, said Sgt. Dan Scott.

The video was shot by a security camera and a handheld camera, Scott told reporters at a news conference.

One segment shows a woman victim wearing a diaper while in a wheelchair, Scott said.

Several locations are depicted in the video, including at least one place that appears to be a residential care facility, authorities said. Authorities don't know when or where the sexual assaults occurred.

Sgt. Diane Hecht told CNN that detectives are "starting from scratch" in their inquiry.

"We have victims, and we just don't know if the assaults are continuing. We have four suspects, and we need the public's help to take them into custody as soon as possible," Hecht told CNN.

"This is extremely serious. These women are developmentally disabled. It's awful to take advantage of anyone, but especially someone who could not defend themselves," Hecht said.

The more than 100 hours of video shows a sequence of at least 10 women being sexually assaulted by at least eight men, and investigators were able to develop composite drawings of four of the suspects, authorities said.

"The extremely disturbing videos are not being released to the public, but photos from portions of the video are being released in an effort to identify some of the suspects and at least one room depicted," the Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

Detectives asked the tipster to call the anonymous Crime Stoppers communication system at 800-222-8477 and provide details on the video's origins. Investigators said members of the public can also call the special victim bureau's hot line at (866) 247-5877. Information can also be provided anonymously by texting the letters TIPLA plus your tip to CRIMES (274637) or by accessing the Crime Stoppers website at

Actress Accused of Snatching Baby from Casting Call

(CNN) -- An aspiring actress remained in jail in Canada on Friday, accused of faking a casting call for babies in an elaborate effort to snatch an infant.

The suspect, identified as Michelle Marie Gopaul, is facing charges of abduction of a minor, Toronto police said in a statement.

"The accused abducted a 1-month old girl from a casting audition," the statement said. "With the assistance of the public, police located the child."

Gopaul, a 24-year-old aspiring actress from New York, allegedly snatched the child on December 30, police said.

After moving to Canada, she allegedly placed an advertisement on Craigslist offering $15,000 for a newborn to act in a Bollywood-style film, CNN affiliate WABC reported.

She posed as a casting director and waited in a Toronto building for parents to arrive, the affiliate said.

Gopaul then allegedly abducted the young girl at the casting call after the girl's parents allowed her to take the child into another room. She fled with the child in a taxicab but the girl was found unharmed hours later, WABC said.

Gopaul's lawyer, Gary Batasar, said his client is supposed to be presumed innocent because the issue has not been decided in a courtroom.

"There is no evidence at this point that she did anything wrong," Batasar said.

Gopaul's next court appearance is scheduled for January 11.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

This Day In History

Jan 5 1919
The Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei is founded by Anton Drexler and others at the Furstenfelder Hof tavern in Munich. So much of early Nazi history seems to center around beer halls and homosexuals.

Jan 5 1967
Two buses of pilgrims collide south of Manila, Philippines, killing 83 in the worst traffic accident thus far.

Jan 5 1981
The Yorkshire Ripper, murderer of 13 women, is arrested. Peter Sutcliffe concentrated mostly on hookers, but still managed to terrorize mainstream England in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

Jan 5 1995
Connie Chung broadcasts Kathleen Gingrich's opinion of Hillary Clinton: bitch. We suspect it's merely a case of the pot calling the kettle black, and you can include Connie Chung in that.

Jan 5 1996
In Gaza, Israeli intelligence agents blow off the head of terrorist Yahya Ayyash, The Engineer, with a remote control cellphone bomb using plastic explosives. Ayyash purportedly ran the Hamas military wing, and was a proficient bomb maker; 100,000 people attended his funeral.

Jan 5 1998
Congressman Sonny Bono dead from blunt force trauma to his head after a direct collision with a pine tree at Heavenly Valley Ski Area. He is survived by his daughter Chastity and three other children.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teen Fights for Life After Hit-and-Run

NORWALK - Norwalk police are searching for the person who hit and severely injured a teen on New Year's Eve.

Tianna Escourse, 16, was found lying in a snow bank along Taylor Avenue. Her mother says she was on her way home from a New Year's Even party with her older sister when the two got into an argument and split up.

The sister made it home, but Tianna was hit by a car and left lying in a snow bank near Taylor Avenue and Church Street.

Tianna's mother is asking the driver to turn him or herself in.

Anyone with information is urged to call Norwalk police at 203 854 3051

Driver in Fatal Crash Suffered Heart Attack

News 12- Police are unsure if Kevin Cronin had the attack before or after the crash.
His car crashed off of I-95 in Greenwich Sunday night.


VIDEO: Standoff in Greenwich

My mom and I were listening to this on her online police scanner, and heard most of it go down!

GREENWICH - A Greenwich man is hospitalized this evening after town officials say he got into an argument with his mother, seized a gun and refused to come out of his home.

Members of the Stamford SWAT team helped Greenwich police officers during the three-hour standoff, but a local lawmaker says his conversation with the 48-year-old man helped it all come to an end.

Rep. Fred Camillo says the man is a childhood friend who suffers from diabetes and a nerve disease. According to police, he was depressed and high on prescription drugs.

First Selectman Peter Tesei, who was also on the scene, says all of the man's family members escaped from the home during the standoff and were not hurt.

The man was taken to the hospital and no charges have been filed at this time.

VIDEO: Standoff in Greenwich