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Investigators Served Six Warrants In Search For Sandra Cantu

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Neil Falls Into Hole & Pollution


"Rik, Rik, You're Going to Freaaaak, Rik!"

This Day In History

Mar 29 1951
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg are both convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage.

Mar 29 1977
Lee Harvey Oswald's best friend, and coincidentally a friend of both Jackie Kennedy and George HW Bush, Dallas socialite George de Mohrenschildt dies from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the mouth, at 3:45 pm. It is likely he was going to be called to testify before the House Select Committee on Assassinations.

Mar 29 1979
A U.S. House of Representatives committee report finds that John F. Kennedy's assassination was the result of a conspiracy.

Girlfriend Jumps But Survives, Splatters Boyfriend

Oh, shit!
"A man has died in China while attempting to catch his girlfriend after she jumped from the seventh-floor of an apartment block in an attempt to commit suicide... According to the local newspaper, Wang was killed by the impact of his girlfriend landing on top of him, but succeeded in saving her life."

The man, who was identified only by his surname, Wang, held out his arms to break his girlfriend's fall.

According to the local newspaper, Wang was killed by the impact of his girlfriend landing on top of him, but succeeded in saving her life.

Although she suffered some broken bones, she was not in a critical condition, according to the Straits Capital News.

The tragedy occurred in the southern city of Quanzhou, in Fujian province. The newspaper quoted witnesses saying that Mr Wang had pleaded from the street with his girlfriend not to jump shortly before the accident.

The couple had reportedly had an argument earlier in the day, during which she had threatened to commit suicide.

The woman was not named, although she was photographed entering the local hospital in a confused state.

China has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, particularly among women. Statistics from the Chinese government show that close to 300,000 people try to kill themselves each year.

A study by Peking University in 2007 found that over 20 per cent of the 140,000 high school students surveyed said they had considered suicide.

Haha, Madness!

At 10:30, police say, a woman thought she hit something with her car.

When she went to check on the animal, a man standing nearby told her she might not want to get too close to it.

When she turned to thank the man, the cat pounced, scratching her on the face and running into the night

The bobcat then appeared in a Pizza Hut parking lot, scaring a worker before vanishing again.

At about 11:40, three people walked out of the Chaparral, a neighborhood bar with signs for Schlitz, Budweiser and Coors over the entrance. Tuesday is free-pool night.

"I said goodnight," said bartender Scott Hughes, 41. "Next thing I know, they are running back in, followed by the bobcat.

"One jumped on the pool table, and two more jumped onto the bar."

The bar's video camera recorded what happened next.

The bobcat chased two people around a pool table.

Then, the animal stopped.

That's when people took out their cellphone cameras to get a picture.

Hughes told Kyle Hicks that he should not get too close to the bobcat.

"A bartender is supposed to command authority," Hughes said. "But he didn't listen to me."

In the video, Hughes can be seen reaching down to move Hicks.

That's when the cat jumped on Hicks' face, scratching him under his left eye and behind his right ear.

"Yeah, it didn't feel too good," Hicks said.

Hicks then knocked the animal to the ground.

"Look up 'pandemonium' in the dictionary," Hughes said. "That's what this bar was."

The 20 or so patrons started scrambling toward the back door. But so did the bobcat, which was now looking for a way out.

That's when Derek Oliver showed you can find a good man late at night in a Cottonwood bar.

"He was coming right towards two women," Oliver said. "So, I pushed them out of the way. That's when he got me. It wrapped itself around my leg."

Worse yet, the bobcat was moving up Oliver's leg.

"I punched it in the face real good," Oliver said.

The animal laid still for a moment, then it ran back out the front door.

By this time, police had arrived and found the animal in the parking lot.

-rest AND VIDEO, here!! -

Woman Missing for 7 Years Found Dead Under Junk

When Eunice Workman disappeared seven years ago, a search was launched but turned up nothing.

Now investigators believe they found the elderly woman's bones right inside her own home.

Investigators were called to a home in the 700 block of 47th Street in Oakland at about 8 p.m. Wednesday where workers hired to clean an abandoned home had discovered a cache of human bones that are now believed to Workman's, an officer from the Oakland Police Department said.

In a scene reminiscent of the infamous Collyer brothers, the home was reportedly filled from floor to ceiling with hoarded belongings. Preliminary reports indicate the victim may have died by being crushed or trapped by collected piles of junk, and was simply never found, police said.

Her children reported her as missing several years ago and people looked for her but she was never found. The thought was that she might have left town.

Her next door neighbor tells NBC Bay Area that she was nice and quiet but a little eccentric given the amount of junk she had collected inside her home.

The remains have not yet been officially identified, an Alameda County coroner said Thursday morning, though Oakland police say first evidence points toward the missing woman.

"We found her," a patrol officer said.

Copyright Bay City News / NBC Connecticut

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Drew Peterson and Fiancée Featured in This Week's PEOPLE Magazine

[this is from December 03, 2007 edition]

Bolingbrook, Ill. / Drew Peterson and his fiancée Christina Raines are featured in this week's PEOPLE magazine that hits newsstands Friday, the PR agency that represents Peterson announced today.

The couple was interviewed and posed for a photo session with the popular entertainment and general interest magazine.

"PEOPLE magazine featured Drew Peterson when Stacy disappeared more than a year ago," says Glenn Selig, Peterson's publicist and founder of The Publicity Agency. "The engagement renewed the magazine's interest in Mr. Peterson. For Mr. Peterson, this was an opportunity for PEOPLE readers to see him in a new light."

PEOPLE is a weekly magazine of celebrity and human interest stories. It has a circulation of about 4 million. The magazine runs a roughly 50/50 mix of celebrity and human interest stories.

Peterson is a suspect in the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy. He is a person of interest in the death of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. Peterson vehemently denies involvement in either case.

The Perfect Kiss

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Young Ones: Madness

Drew Peterson Angered by Memorial Ribbons for Wives

Drew Peterson is protesting the hanging of ribbons meant to honor his murdered third wife and missing fourth wife by allegedly cutting them down in the middle of the night and calling the police on his neighbors, the Herald News reported.

Dressed in black, he and one of his children reportedly slipped out of their house around midnight Sunday and started taking down the memorials after calls to the police failed to halt the weekend activity.

Stacy Peterson disappeared in October 2007. Her husband has been the focus of a police and grand jury investigation, but he has not been charged. Peterson's third wife, Kathleen Savio's death in a bathtub was ruled a homicide after initially being deemed accidental. Savio's body was exhumed and re-examined after Stacy Peterson vanished.

Peterson's neighbor Sharon Bychowski, along with 20 others, put white and purple ribbons on trees in the development Saturday afternoon. Soon after, Peterson cut the ribbons off four trees, Bychowski told the Herald News.

She put up another four, and they were again cut down. This continued throughout the weekend until Peterson called the police late Sunday afternoon.

"Drew called, complaining streamers were being put on the trees in the parkway," Teppel said. "He wanted them down because it is against village ordinance."

But, the ribbons weren't violating any ordinance and police didn't take action, Teppel told the Herald News.

Peterson allegedly started taking pictures of the group and got into a confrontation with at least one person who was hanging the ribbons, the newspaper reported.

"They're a bunch of liars and low-life (expletives)," he said of the group who repeatedly placed the ribbons on the trees. "There's not a job between them."

Peterson declined to comment when the newspaper asked him about the allegations that he and his child cut the ribbons in the middle of the night.

Nancy Grace Update

Tonight some interesting things were discussed on Nancy Grace regarding Caylee Anthony and Haleigh Cummings both.

The private investigator James Hoover alleges in his deposition that there was some sort of "romantic relationship" going on between Cindy Anthony (Casey's mom) and the other P.I., Dominic Casey. Crazy!

With Haleigh Cummings, it is alleged that investigators are now considering the idea Misty Cummings was either (a) out partying that night and left Haleigh & Junior alone, or (b) that she had a man over for sex.

I heard someone mentioned junior not only saw "man in black" that night but he said he was in bathroom and saw the "soap shaking"... Crystal (Haleigh's bio mom)'s lawyer alleges that the soap would be "shaking" if someone was having sex in the other room. Bombshell!
On the crimesearchersonline.com poll, 90% of the polled agree that Misty Croslin-(now)Cummings knows who the kidnapper is.

Mexico Has Major Beef With USA

Two articles in a row from CNN:

U.S. marshal's body found in Mexico
(CNN) -- The body of a fugitive U.S. marshal has been found in the city of Juarez, Mexico, according to the U.S. Marshals Service -- the latest discovery in a wave of violence that has gripped towns along the U.S.-Mexican border in recent months.

The body of Deputy Marshal Vincent Bustamante -- who faced federal charges of stealing weapons and other government property -- was found in Juarez on Wednesday, said Marshals Service spokesman Jeff Carter.

Bustamante appeared to have been shot in the back of the head, a federal law enforcement source said.

Chihuahua state police said the body had multiple wounds to the head -- apparently consistent with an execution-style shooting, according to Edgar Roman, a reporter with XHIJ television in Juarez.

Bustamante, 48, was charged with stealing U.S. government property including Glock and Ruger handguns, a shotgun and a pair of binoculars, according to court documents.

According to the federal source, who was not authorized to speak about details of the case and asked not to be named, a pawnshop owner became suspicious when Bustamante attempted to pawn a shotgun and called the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The source said Bustamante would buy back items he had pawned on his pay days and return them.

Bustamante's attorney, Mike Torres, said a warrant was issued for Bustamante's arrest after he failed to appear at a court hearing last week.

He said Bustamante was a 17-year veteran of the marshals and a former El Paso Police officer who lived in El Paso with his wife and two children.

"He was a familiar face around the federal courthouse here," Torres said. "I'm very shocked by this and very saddened.

"He had a lot of friends and a lot of people that cared about him."

Carter said Bustamante was on "modified status" with the marshals, meaning he had been required to turn in his gun and badge outside of his official work hours.

"What I can tell you is that the U.S. Marshals Service is saddened by the death of Deputy Bustamante and our thoughts and prayers are with his family," he said.

Carter said U.S. marshals are working with the FBI and Mexican authorities to investigate the death. He said an autopsy will be conducted in Mexico, and another may be conducted once Bustamante's body is returned to the United States.

Juarez, which sits across the border from El Paso, Texas, has become one of the major battlegrounds as drug cartels fight both each other and Mexican authorities. The conflict has made violence increasingly common in Juarez, Tijuana and other Mexican border towns.

More than 400 deaths in the region have been attributed to the fighting this year.

Victim's wife: Kidnappers' Silence 'Very Cruel'
Lourdes Batista wishes she had superpowers so she could use them to find her husband, she said Wednesday, 105 days after authorities said he was kidnapped in Mexico. Felix Batista, a renowned kidnapping consultant, disappeared after getting into a vehicle outside a Saltillo restaurant December 10. The family has yet to hear a word from his abductors.

"I don't have words to describe the pain," Lourdes Batista said. "It's cruel, very cruel."
Lourdes Batista was getting ready for bed at her Miami, Florida, home when she received a phone call informing her that her husband of 31 years had been snatched. She tried contacting him on both of his phones, but to no avail.

Felix Batista, 53, had arrived four days prior in Saltillo, the Coahuila state capital about 250 miles from the U.S. border, to take part in a security seminar about kidnappings. He was giving talks about kidnappings to a business group in Saltillo and Torreon.

Though the Cuban-American worked as a contract consultant for the Houston, Texas-based ASI Global Response, the trip was not affiliated with the company.

On the day of his kidnapping, Felix Batista was in a restaurant with several other people when he received a phone call, according to a statement from the Coahuila state attorney general's office.

"After speaking for a few minutes, [he] left the restaurant, telling his colleagues that several people in a white pickup truck were going to give him a message," the statement said.

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'Please have mercy,' wife begs of kidnappers
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Petition: Felix Batista -- 100 days of silence
ASI Group
"Afterward, outside the business, at about 7 p.m., he got into a vehicle with different characteristics from those he had mentioned to his colleagues and, since then, no one has had any communication with him," the statement said.

There was no indication of violence at the scene, the attorney general's office said.

Jackie Batista said she has no clue why someone would abduct her brother.

"We can speculate till next year," she said. "We've waited for answers. We don't have any information, and no one has contacted us."

Lourdes Batista added, "It's very perplexing. I don't know. I don't understand why. This is why I can't sleep at night."

Felix Batista served four years in the U.S. Army before entering private practice. He has 23 years of experience as a crisis responder and had worked with ASI Global Response since May 2007, President Charlie LeBlanc said.

A profile on the company's Web site, which has been taken down, said Felix Batista conducted threat assessments and had been credited with the "successful resolution" of almost 100 kidnap-and-ransom cases.

LeBlanc said Felix Batista was a "multidisciplined security practitioner" who also worked on extortion cases and consulted corporations.

His aptitude as a consultant aside, Lourdes Batista said, he was an outstanding family man: "a great man and a great father and a wonderful husband. I couldn't ask for better."

Since Felix Batista's kidnapping, ASI Global has been working with his family, acting as a liaison with the FBI and Mexican authorities and vetting those offering to help with the case, LeBlanc said.

It's the same kind of work Felix Batista was known for, he said.

ASI Global has been sharing information with the Mexican national police, who have "been very forthcoming in sharing information and asking for advice," LeBlanc said.

"We've had viable leads. They just haven't panned out," he added.

Kidnappings and violence have long been problems in Mexico, but the problem has spiked in the past year, at least statistically.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon said this month that there were 6,500 organized-crime killings in 2008, more than double the number from 2007. The nation's human rights ombudsman has reported that there were 5,140 reported kidnappings between 2001 and 2008.

Attorney General Eduardo Medina Mora's office reported that there were 326 kidnappings in the first five months of 2008 alone.

"Many cases continued, however, to go unreported, as families negotiated directly with kidnappers. The number of reported cases to authorities was believed to be far less than the actual number of kidnappings," said a statement from Mora's office.

Lourdes Batista said the level of violence in Mexico troubles her.

"The Mexican citizens, how do they live like this every day of their lives? It's beyond me," she said. "I fear for them and fear for their loved ones."

Lourdes Batista said there have been no threats against her or against her five children with Felix, who range in age from 16 to 28, but she still lives anxiously.

"I do live in fear, but mostly for Felix and for the families that are going through what I'm going through," Lourdes Batista said, adding that the kidnappers' silence has left her feeling impotent.

Last week, exactly 100 days after his kidnapping, the Batistas submitted a letter to three newspapers in Monterrey, about 30 miles east of Saltillo. The letter, addressed to "the Mexican people," sought any leads or information in the case and offered a financial reward for information yielding Felix Batista's safe return.

In short, it stated, "we want Felix back," Jackie Batista said.

Lourdes Batista said she is willing to add a caveat to the family's plea.

"I am not one to persecute, and I don't want to know. I just want my husband back. We need him here," she said.

Holy Moses!!

Apparently this young boy in the picture had thought it was his baby, but turns out the 15 year old mother lied when she told this 13 year old she was a virgin.

Click here to read the article from Perez. Crazy!!

Michigan Man Sentenced to 90 Days in Prison for Sex Act With Car Wash Vacuum

"Hope that hummer was worth it! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying this headline.

Read the rest of this entry » "

- perez hilton

Ballplayer's Wife Accused of Kidnapping

A pro baseball player's wife is accused of abducting an infant by posing as an immigration officer, police said. Amalia Tabata Pereira, 43, faces charges including interference with child custody and kidnapping. Her husband is a prospect in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

(CNN) -- Florida police said a woman accused of abducting an infant by posing as an immigration officer is refusing to say anything about the case. She turned the baby over to authorities Tuesday.

"We may never know what she was thinking or what she was planning to do with the baby," Plant City, Florida, police spokesman Capt. Darrell Wilson said Wednesday.

"She invoked the right to remain silent, so all questioning stopped," Wilson added.

The infant was turned over to sheriff's deputies Tuesday evening some 10 hours after a statewide Amber Alert was issued. Authorities said the child appeared to be in good health.

Bond was set Wednesday at $750,000 for the suspect, 43-year-old Amalia Tabata Pereira, during a hearing in Manatee County court. Pereira, the wife of a minor-league baseball player in the Pittsburgh Pirates organization, faces charges of interference with child custody, kidnapping, false imprisonment and child abuse, authorities said.

According to police, a woman claiming to be an immigration official spoke to migrant worker Rosa Sirilo-Francisco at the Hillsborough County Health Department and told her she had to turn over her 2-month-old daughter Sandra Cruz-Francisco or face deportation. The baby's parents are from Mexico and had taken the child to the clinic for a routine check-up, according to Wilson.

After giving up the child, the mother was told by a relative in Georgia that federal immigration officials would not follow such a procedure, so the parents reported their daughter missing.

Ten hours later, Pereira surrendered the child to Manatee County sheriff's deputies, according to authorities.

Pereira's husband, Jose Tabata, issued a statement saying he was "shocked to be told today that my wife has been arrested for kidnapping. I am hurt, frustrated, and confused by her actions."

Pirates President Frank Coonelly said in a written statement: "The Pirates organization will continue to do anything and everything we can to assist and support Jose during this difficult personal time."

Police say Tabata is not a suspect.

"Our primary focus is and was on her, we got the right person and he had no knowledge or anything to do with this," said Wilson of the Plant City police, referring to Pereira.

Mom Admits To Breastfeeding While On Meth

HILLSBORO, Ore. -- A local mom pleaded guilty Wednesday to felony charges of breastfeeding her son while high on meth.

Michelle Hastings changed her plea in a Hillsboro courtroom Wednesday and admitted that she breastfed her son while she was using methamphetamine.

Hastings pleaded guilty to criminal mistreatment and causing another person to ingest drugs. Since both are felonies, Hastings could spend the next 15 years in prison.

Hastings was clearly emotional as she stood next to her attorney and agreed to the plea deal.

She said very little and won't be sentenced until later this month because she wants the judge to hear from her family and friends on her behalf.
Authorities said she has a long history of drug abuse and she was on parole when they arrested her this month.

Her parole officer told police about her drug use after she failed a required drug test and told officers that Hastings said she had been breastfeeding a baby.

[click on picture for video]
Hastings' sentencing is scheduled for March 31.

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PI Jim Hoover Answered Questions In Zenaida Gonzalez Civil Suit

ABC News allegedly paid Jose Baez upwards of $200,000 for home videos of Caylee Marie Anthony, according to a sworn statement Jim Hoover made this morning.

Attorney John Morgan asked Hoover if he knew of anyone getting paid by ABC to which Hoover answered, "Um, I had heard that money had been given to the attorney [Baez] for some individual -- I don't know if it was given to the attorney or to Casey for some videos that was on ABC."

A few moments later he said Dominic Casey told him Baez was paid between $200,000 or $225,000 for the videos.

Private investigator Jim Hoover told an attorney this morning that the purpose of his trip to a wooded area near the Anthony home in November was to look for the dead body of Caylee Marie Anthony, according to a transcript of his interview.

Hoover said Anthony family private investigator Dominic Casey asked Hoover to accompany him in November.

"[He] asked me to go with him -- asked me to go with him to find Caylee's body," Hoover said in the interview. (source)

Possible Clues Into Haleigh Cummings Disappearance

Kim Picazio was already on her way to Satsuma from Miami Wednesday afternoon when she got our phone call. With a few hours left ahead of her on the road, Picazio shared new details about what she says happened the night Haleigh disappeared, and what she's calling bad living conditions inside Haleigh's home.

"Just your typical sex drugs and rock and roll life style that is not conducive to raising children," said Picazio.

"Not one of the things I've heard about what goes on in the home would I even consider letting my child watch on TV, let alone exposing him to it."

Picazio says after sifting through documents, seeing pictures and talking with family and friends, she felt compelled to seek state intervention and ask the DCF to investigate the Cummings household.

"I would be committing malpractice if I chose to hold off on bringing those allegations to the proper authorities," said Picazio.

"Conditions of neglect to outright child abuse and to the conditions in the home which would not be conducive to raising any child."

The Florida Department of Children and Families could not comment on the specifics of the investigation. A spokesman did tell us Picazio met with members of the DCF and presented them with documents alleging abuse and neglect. He also said the Department is reviewing the information she provided very carefully.

"The particular lifestyle that we believe is led by Misty and Ronald Cummings is one that essentially laid out the red carpet to something at some point happening to these children, and something did," said Picazio.

The lawyer also shared with us new details about what she said happened the night Haleigh was taken. She says Ronald Junior, Haleigh's brother, woke up when a man came into the house to see Misty Croslin, Ronald Cummings then girlfriend.

"What he stated to his mother was that he saw a black man in black clothing take Haleigh...she asked him, if you were asleep Junior how could you have seen that if you were asleep? And he said well I woke up because the man had squeaky shoes...and the couch was bouncing," said Picazio.

"A lot of the times we hear things from 8 different people who did not know each other including eyewitnesses. And at this point we have a pretty solid timeline. We think we know what happened in that house up until about 10:30. There's a wide gap in time from 10:30 till three in the morning and somewhere in that timeframe, Haleigh went missing," said Picazio.

Ronald Cummings, Haleigh's father, could not be reached for comment. His Grandmother tells us they have been advised by legal council to not speak with the media. A call to Ronald's lawyer was not returned. (source)

No Conflict of Interest with Attorney's in Anthony Case

Orange Circuit Court Judge Stan Strickland ruled that there was no conflict of interest with legal fee's to Anthony's defense team.

Strickland questioned Anthony about the affidavit she signed. Anthony was swore in under oath that her retainer agreement with Jose Baez and the attorney's on her defense team are excluded to any rights to her or Caylee's story.

Jose Baez retainer agreement with Anthony will not be public record, Strickland in private questioned the defense about the fee payment to law firm with Anthony and the prosecution. Strickland said he was "convinced" no conflict exists.

The SS Caylee Marie

George Anthony sent a text message to reporter, Holly Bristow, asking her to come to their house because they had something "special" to announce.

At the house was the boat The SS Caylee Marie donated to KidFinders in memory of all missing children. Who purchased the boat? There has been some speculation that it was bought with donations for Caylee.

Not only did George wanted to reveal the new boat, but he also exploited the moment in memory of Caylee. He asks for us to support his daughter, Casey Anthony by requesting the public to write to her. He said she has received 100's of support letters and he was very grateful for that.

"People are showing her support and giving her the best, and I'm grateful for that," said George.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time Magazine October 21, 1985

I was feeling interested in googling my birthdate, October 21 1985, and found that this was the cover of Time Magazine on that day:

Police May Be Close To Suspect In Jogger's Slaying

Cold Case: Nicole Ganguzza was a newlywed in grad school at the University of Central Florida when she was dragged off a jogging trail and strangled to death. It happened in Orlando, Florida, five days before Caylee Anthony was reported missing. Police may now be honing in on a suspect.

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Nicole Ganguzza was a newlywed in grad school at the University of Central Florida when she was dragged off a trail and strangled to death while jogging in a park in June.

Ganguzza, 26, was close to earning her master's degree in marriage and family therapy. She was looking forward to having children of her own.

She left class on June 10 at about 5:35 p.m. Ten minutes later, she called husband Brendan Ganguzza and told him she was going jogging at Jay Blanchard Park, not far from the university's campus in Orlando, Florida.

Brendan Ganguzza became worried at about 7 p.m. when he couldn't reach his wife on her phone. He searched the park for two hours, calling police at about 9 p.m.

Police combed the brush through the evening, and the search the next day grew to 60 people. Her body was found behind the post office, about two miles from where her Mitsubishi Eclipse was parked and just off the Econlockhatchee Trail where she'd been jogging.

Brendan Ganguzza became a widower at 30. He is working hard to keep her memory alive.

"It's hard sometimes because you can feel very much in the dark about what is going on, wondering if you'll ever get answers," he told CNN.

"We've started a foundation in Nicole's name to continue her dream of providing free counseling and therapy to those who can't afford it. She was studying to be a counselor," he added.

Nicole Ganguzza was killed five days before toddler Caylee Anthony was reported missing. That case grabbed the headlines in Orlando -- and beyond.

Investigators wove a web of circumstantial evidence and charged the child's mother, Casey Anthony, the notorious "tot mom" whose wild party pictures became a cable news show staple.

Writing recently about the charitable foundation established in Nicole Ganguzza's name, an Orlando Sentinel columnist described her as "the anti-Casey."

Police say her killer deliberately hid her body in the brush along the trail. Investigators believe the killer either is from the area or is very familiar with the park and nearby campus.

The Orange County Medical Examiner characterized Ganguzza's death as a homicide by strangulation without elaborating. It is not publicly known whether she had been sexually assaulted.

"We are keeping very quiet about this because this is information that only the killer would know," said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Carlos Padilla.

Last week, Ganguzza's family and friends asked anyone with information to come forward and help solve this cold case. They expressed relief that the police may have a break in the case and that an arrest could come soon.

"I just hope they make an arrest soon in my wife's case, so they can get this dangerous guy off the streets," Brendan Ganguzza said.

Police executed a search warrant two weeks ago on the mobile home of a man who is considered a person of interest in the case. His home lies along the Econlockhatchee Trail.

He is a former student and employee of the University of Central Florida. Police say that after reviewing tips and leads, they believe they have probable cause to investigate this individual further.

"The search warrant is sealed, and I can't say at this time what evidence was collected or what led us to this individual," said Cpl. Susan Soto, a spokeswoman for the Orange County sheriff.

In that case, they were able to match the suspect's DNA to a sample found at the scene. Police have questioned him, but he has not been named a suspect in the Ganguzza case.

Police are being tight-lipped about whether Ganguzza's attacker left behind any DNA or other forensic evidence.

Police are still asking for the public's help in solving this case. If anyone has any information please call Crime Line at 1-800-423-TIPS. A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information on the Nicole Ganguzza homicide case.

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Quote of the Week

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"love, love, you know what love is? love is an illusion created by lawyer types like yourself to perpetuate another illusion called marriage to create the reality of divorce and then the illusionary need for divorce lawyers." -kevin

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"kevin, maybe you need to stop thinking so much and fall in love again.."

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"well, for your information, i happen to be in love with someone only they don't know it, okay? i guess you wouldn't understand about loving someone from afar."

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[i want a kevin&leslie romance. ]

Breakfast Club Tribute

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"you are a neo maxi zoom dweebie."
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. ;.. ; . ; . ; . ; . ; . ;;. ; . ;. ;

...rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling..
............down, down..


Woman Finds $10,000 Tiger Head

"The head is from a domestic white tiger, an endangered animal, according to police, who released more information on the Feb. 26 incident this week. It had fallen off the back of another truck near the intersection of routes 120 and 12 on the way to the taxidermist. Because the animal is so rare, the head is valued at more than $10,000, according to police."

Ye Holy BOMB

Oops: Grenade Was Obvious Monty Python Prop

"Police evacuated several buildings, cordoned off a street and called in explosives specialists after water company workers stumbled on the film prop under a fire hydrant cover in Shoreditch, east London.

But the dangerous-looking weapon turned out to be the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch that featured in the 1975 film Monty Python And The Holy Grail."

Mom Forced Daughter Abortion, Threw Fetus in Trash

"After forcing the 16-year-old girl to take pills obtained from a receptionist at a Miami-area clinic, the 38-year-old Miramar woman went out to Cafe Iguana for the night. When she came home around 3 the next morning, her daughter aborted the fetus into a toilet. Rainey then placed the fetus in a bag and set it out with her garbage for curbside pickup."

Ew, Ew, EWWW!

Romania May Decriminalize Incest
"Three European Union countries -- France, Spain and Portugal - do not prosecute consenting adults for incest, and Romania is considering following suit. Laws exempting parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters from prosecution for incestuous acts if they are not forced upon adult family members are decades old in France, Spain and Portugal. Not everything that is immoral has to be illegal."

News Of the World: "Lost To the Sea"

"Swamped by global warming..Tuvalu is why we must back Earth Hour"

THIS picturesque paradise island is drowning, soon to be swallowed up entirely by the hungry, deep blue ocean surrounding it-and SUNK.

Doomed Tuvalu and its 12,600 residents are the FIRST real victims of global warming as sea level rises.

Like the last man standing on the sinking wooden deck of the Titanic, sailor John Iakopo defiantly salutes the distant horizon and jolts his back upright as the warm debris-strewn water of the Pacific sloshes around his knees.

Across his 1920s-style seaman's hat the word Tuvalu has faded in the relentless sun that scorches the tiny spit of land we stand on.

"Listen to me," Lakopo tells us. "The good ship Tuvalu is going down. Yes sir. Surer that the sun rising over the sea in the morning."

This forgotten land and its people are the tragic proof that the world must act now to prevent another breathtaking view like this from vanishing off the face of this earth.

This Saturday you can do your bit by backing our Earth Hour Campaign. Simply switch off your lights from 8:30pm to 9:30pm - and remember the coral island of Tuvalu in the Pacific.

The fourth smallest country in the world after Vatican City, Monaco and Nauru, and one of the least populated, Tuvalu sits stranded halfway between Hawaii and New Zealand.

R.I.P. Jade..

Jade Goody, the British reality TV star whose battle against cancer had been followed around the world, has died.
She passed away in her sleep early Sunday – Mother's Day in the U.K.

Max Clifford, her publicist and friend, confirmed the news to PEOPLE. "She had been pretty much asleep for the last 24 hours," he says, adding she died "just before 4 o'clock this morning."

Her husband Jack Tweed – who she married in a ceremony filmed by a British TV channel in February – and mother Jackiey Budden were at her bedside, Clifford adds.

Clifford says Budden told him, "My beautiful daughter has gone to sleep, has gone," when they spoke soon afterwards.

He adds, "Jackiey is obviously as you would expect a mom to be at the loss of her daughter. We've all known it was coming but she's devastated."

Goody, 27, rose to fame on the British version of the reality show Big Brother in 2002, and was rarely out of the British newspapers and gossip magazines in the years that followed. But her story went global when she discovered she was suffering from cervical cancer – while appearing on the India version of the reality show in August.

James Hoover and Dominic Casey to Attend Deposition

On Wednesday, James Hoover and Dominic Casey are scheduled to answer questions in a depostion at the offices of Zenaida Gonzalez's attorney's.

The two private detectives at one time worked for Cindy and George Anthony to follow-up on leads to find Caylee Anthony.

The search behind the wooded lot on Suburban drive where Caylee's remains were found is in question.

Dominic said "As I turned around, Hoover was standing there with a video camera," I asked "What are you doing here?' Hoover said, "I thought you might want help." Dominic said, James, that's completely inappropriate."

**Leonard Padilla was scheduled to be questioned March 24th. It has been moved to May. The attorneys requested to talk to him after George and Cindy Anthony.

Today Show: 'New Clues Into Anthony's Home' 3/23

Todd's Point

Greenwich's St. Patty's Day Parade

Kaitlyn's Silly Laugh

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hello, Charlie!

Charles Manson, 40 years later..

LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) -- In his latest mug shot, Charles Manson's wild-eyed stare is gone, as is most of his hair. Except for the swastika he carved into his brow during his murder trial, he could be any gray-bearded senior citizen.

If the photo authorities released early this week is any indication, the leader of a murderous band called "The Family," has mellowed some after almost 40 years in a California state prison.

He has had a lot of alone time.

Manson, 74, is locked away in protective custody, according to Sabrina Johnson, a spokeswoman at Corcoran State Prison in Corcoran, about 150 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

Manson has his own cell. His exposure to prison neighbors that include mass killer Juan Corona and Robert F. Kennedy's assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, is very limited, Johnson said.

Manson and four others -- Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Charles "Tex" Watson and Leslie Van Houten -- were convicted of murder and other charges in connection with a two-night rampage that left pregnant actress Sharon Tate and seven others dead.

Manson and the four "family" members' death sentences were overturned during the 1970s, when the death penalty laws were ruled unconsitutional. He is quietly serving out his life sentence. Although he once frequently gave bombastic rants on national television, he hasn't granted a media interview in years.

Manson receives a lot of mail, and many requests from people who want to visit him, Johnson said. He still occasionally sees a few people.

"Over the years, he's taken some people off the visitor list and put them back on, " Johnson said. "He has the same rights as any other prisoner."

Manson has been disciplined in the past, losing privileges, but he's now in good standing and good health, Johnson added.

All members of the "Manson family" have been up for parole multiple times over the past four decades, but it has never been granted.

Manson's next parole hearing is in 2010. He did not show up for the last one in 2007.

His mug shot, which instantly made its way around the world over the Internet, was taken as part of a regular update of inmate images at the prison. Its release comes ahead of the 40th anniversary of the "Manson family" killings in August 1969.

Van Houten, who was 19 at the time of the killings, was convicted in the murders of Leno LaBianca, a wealthy grocery store owner, and his wife, Rosemary. Van Houten was accused of stabbing Rosemary LaBianca 14 to 16 times in the back.

Van Houten was also convicted of conspiracy in Tate's death and four others at the actress' Beverly Hills home. Tate was about eight-and-a-half months pregnant, and her baby also died in the attack. Manson, Atkins and Krenwinkel also were convicted for those murders.

Atkins, who has been declared terminally ill, was denied a compassionate release from prison in July 2008. She is believed to have been one of the people who stabbed Tate and scrawled the word "pig" in blood on the door of the home the actress shared with director Roman Polanski.

In May 2008, authorities dug for bodies at the Inyo County, California, ranch where Manson and his followers once lived, after police learned that testing had indicated human remains might be buried there. According to authorities, nothing was found.