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Greenwich's History

It's amazing all the different things I learned about my town's history, just by searching google's news archives. I put certain keywords and arrange by date and you'd be surprised of all the crazy stuff I found! Especially having one of the keywords "suicide" or "body found".
Unfortunately a lot of the results lead to pay articles, which like to tease because I get just an idea of what the article is about, but can't pinpoint details.

Here are some of the things I've found so far:

1908: Girl dies in Greenwich train derailment.

1913: George Bush (ancestor to the former President) dies in Greenwich Hospital, apparently of fright.

1925: Man kills sweetheart in woods.

1927: Jealous man kills bride and self - "Married three months, Rocco Roina, 33, of No. 277 Mason street, Greenwich, shot and killed his pretty wife, Hazel, 25, stepdaughter of the keeper of the Stamford lighthouse and then committed suicide, tonight, on the rocks at the extreme end of Southfield Point..."

1929: Greenwich contractor kills wife.

1929: Former NYC police head dies at Blythewood Sanitarium.

1930: W.F.S. HART KILLS HIMSELF; New York City Lawyer's Suicide in Greenwich Laid to illness.

1940: Dies in plunge- "Mrs. Yvonne Ter Meulen Borden, 29, divorced wife of Edward Payson Borden 2d, leaped to her death from a sixth-story apartment here "

1940: "William Trepp was killed by a New Haven railroad passenger train In Greenwich yesterday A medical examiner giving a suicide verdict said the man leaped In.."

1940: Man suicide in Greenwich- "Richard August Torgusen 27 of East Portchcster was found dead today in a gasfilled kitchen of an apartment house where he worked as a.."

1940: Woman suicide in Greenwich- "The body of Mrs Mima McShane 49 was found hanging today in the cellar of her home in East Portchester Dr John A Clarke medical examiner ..."

1940: "OLD GREENWICH A body found on tho Long Island sound shore front here was ... mas Dr Ralph Crane medical examiner reported tho death as suicide by drowning ..."

1940: Greenwich carpenter suicide- "
John Toikkr 62 Flnnlshbom carpenter committed early today Detective Sergeant John Teufel reported by shooting himself In the head with a ..."

1941: Father claims suicide's body - ".. Greenwich, Conn., was claimed at Fordham morgue yesterday by her father, ... Miss Littleton, who had changed her name, committed suicide Wednesday in.." "was found dead yesterday in a room in the Concourse Plaza Hotel, 161st Street and the Grand Concourse, the Bronx, apparently a suicide"

1942: Industrial pioneer suicide in Greenwich - "James Robert McKee 84 pioneer to American electrical industry whose late wife Mary Scott Harrison McKee was a daughter of President .."

1942: Greenwich woman commits suicide, kills father who was trying to stop her.

1942: Greenwich man found dead after phoning lawyer- "John Htuviilton Tyson 31old jon of the John Tson former New York theater ick broker was found dead in his home here today a pistol.."

1943: Greenwich man ends life by shooting - "Greenwich police reported today the finding or the ... Examiner John A Clarke gave ft verdict of suicide Detective James Henley who.."

1944: Woman drowns self in Greenwich brook- "Medical Examiner Ralph Crane of Stnmford today declared Mrs Elizabeth Loomls Scott 39 of VerRcnnes Vt a suicide by Mrs Scott who had been... "

1944: Mrs. Slawson ends life, cause of death is drugs- "Medical Examiner Ralph V. Crane, who gave a verdict of suicide, said N[rs. ... H . Kelsey Wallace of Greenwich and Mrs. Samuel JC Townsend of Devon..."

Greenwich Man, 47, Is Killed By Train - "John A Purcliell 47 Orecnwlch war worker dully crossed a point 375 feet east of theNew Hnvrn bridge over Steamboat Road n short cut ..."

1944: Man's Body Found In Pond - "The body of Tliomns Robertson 84 of 611 W 187th Street New York was discovered this morning floating near the In the Bruce1 Pork Pond Dr ..."

1945: Greenwich veteran ends life- "Medical Examiner C Slanley Knapn listed as a suicide today the death of Michael S Stempltn 29 World War II veteran recently discharged ."

1945: Greenwich woman ends life- "MLis Karen M Olson 51 a waitress employed here committed suicide Medical Gxnmlncr C Stanley Knanp said by lunging Ucr today In iiiv room Dr"

1945: Death seen as suicide- "Reported missing to the Greenwich by hi wile on Wednesday ... under conditionsoi Greenwich police said had1 the earmarks o suicide Tile dy"

1946: Nurse commits suicide- "Miss Marguerite K Kdwards 32.1 a nurse a Si Luke's Convalescent Hospital here was found dead to day near cabin used by nurses ai the ..."

1946: The body of an ex-soldier, Henry De Felice, 25, of Stamford, dressed in an Army shirt and trousers and with a blood-stained Army raincoat around the head, was found late today on the Havemeyer estate here.

1947: Prospective home buyer finds suicide in cellar- "Medical Kxamlner C Slnnlcy Kniipp Inclny Mini I he drain of Harold I Rendle 4B n retired chemical engineer for Ihe United Stales ..."

1947: Death of inventor ruled suicide- "American Roach Corporation found to day in woods nrnr bin Greenwich Road home and Police Chief George A Iarsley said he committed suicide Iarsley report.."

1947: Greenwich gardener's suicide- "RnhrrtJillninn 40 Cirrrnwirh Mllcidr by hanging from n on nn r*ltr hr hnl it uns ly Ilclrcllvr Caploin Thoinss J McConnoll of GrorriMirh .."

1948: Woman and three daughters die in fire at 17 Melrose Avenue.

1948: Beatrice Smith, 22, of Greenwich, kills self in Dr.'s office. Her suicide note: "I can't finish this book. I can't see."

1948: Man, 61, hunted in murder, found dead with pistol at side- "Henry M. Brooks, 61, of Greenwich, Conn., sought on a murder charge in connection with the Princeton slaying of his business partner"

1948: Man ends life in cell, widow sues Greenwich- suit for $10000 damages was riled in Superior Court here today Mrs August Marianne Brunner Schuhmaeher of Greenwich husband suicide

1948: Greenwich nurse found dead- Minna Kedenburg 55 missing almost a week was found ... that there are indications she had suicide several days ago Miss Kendenburg ...

1948: Female phsyican suicides in Greenwich office- examiner said Dr Larimore committed suicide by taking poison Authorities advanced no reason for the act Detective Creamer of the Greenwich police said.

1948: "Greenwich man suicide- Raymond J Rylant 38 manager rf a dog kennel here died late night In Greenwich hospital of a Kunshol wound which Medical Kxnmlnpr Ralph W..."

1949: "Frank Lowden, of Stamford, slaying of a night watch man at the Indian Harbor Yacht Club in Greenwich."

1949: Dr. Hansen's widow found dead in home- "was found yesterday in her apartment at 48 Greenwich Avenue. ... The police listed the case as an apparent suicide, pending a decision by the Examiner.."

1949: Poison death note left in Greenwich- "A note left by Mrs. Mary Schimmel, 41, ... Barbara, 11, and then committed suicide, police reported today. "KILLS CHILD, ENDS LIFE; Mother Puts Poison in Soft Drink at..."

1949: Fall kills house painter- "Craig Moffett Mnckcnn 65 yearsold house painter was killed today in a 13foot fall from a porch roof at the home of Mrs Edwin Blnney ..."

1949: Greenwich man is a suicide- "Stanley Hupal 40 a garage worker was found dead hanging by a rope from a beam "

1949: Woman slain in Stamford after quarrel- "...caliber revolver and then attempted suicide by shooting himelf through the lower ... Gibbons of Greenwich and told herMy wife is dead and Im dying Mrs..."

1950: "The body of Emil W Hitchcock 47 Greenwich was found today ... that the man had committed suicide by shooting himself with a 22 caliber rifle"

1950: Older woman's body found in empty Hamilton Avenue lot.

1951: Rocketeller Kin, 2 Girls Found Dead‎ -Capt David W. Bobbins, of Greenwich Police that the circumstances cated murder and suicide. Mrs. Emeny, the daughter A. Rockefeller, was found on the floor

1951: Henry Fonda's ten year old son, a Greenwich resident, dies by accidentally being shot at a shooting range in Ossining. His mother, a former socialite, comitted suicide in a sanitarium a few years before.

1951: "board Death came at his summer home in nearby Greenwich Conn With him at ... 16 Sisson Avenue A suicide note and a box that had contained sleeping pills "

1952: Joanne Barbara Scott found dead in trunk off Indian Field Road.

1952: Old Greenwich swindler suspect found as a suicide.

1952: Dr. J Leonard Vickers commits suicide in Pickwick Arms hotel (now known as Pickwick Plaza or Pickwick Apartments)

1953: Greenwich woman leaps to death: 35yearold interior decorator jumped to her death today ... Jean Browning 35 termed a suicide by Medical E Stanley Knapp lived only three

1953: "Student commits suicide- Edward A. Fenn. '22, a Columhia University ... home here today and Medical Examiner C. Stanley Knapp listed the death as suicide.."

1954: Student at a North Carolina college (former Greenwich resident) wounds two others and kills self.

1954: "Artist ends life in Greenwich- Anthony Thieme 66 Rockport Mass artist whose paintings of Motif No 1 helped make that summer art colony widely known committed suicide.."

1955: "The body of Frank Haspadar, a Greenwich High School sophomore, who was said to have threatened suicide Friday after a 15-year-old girl refused him a date.." Found with bound hands/feet, and a bag over head.

Body of woman found floating in Long Island sound just off of Captain's Island.

1956: Bandleader Tommy Dorsey dies in accident in home.

1957: Jeanne Therrien, 36 of Greenwich noted pianist was found dead ... Examiner C Stanley Knapp said it was suicide by inhaling carbon monoxide.

1957: Myles Standish, an executive, was found yesterday in the garage of his East Greenwich estate. He was 58 years old. The police said Mr. Standish had committed suicide.

1958:Riverside man suicide at Texas college- "A death by suicide was returned Monday by Justice of the Peace TA Simons... Blattmann's body was sent to Old Greenwich, Conn., Friday night.."

1958: The holy of Yasha Frank, a New York television producer, was found in his hotel room Wednesday. A medical examiner called it a suicide.

1959: Man's body found in a wooded area off Taconic Road, victim of suicide by shotgun.

1961: Morrell was formerly secretary of the Stamford-Greenwich Management Council. Police described the shooting as a suicide.

1963: Two formerly rich and eventually broke brothers from Old Greenwich die in Boca Raton, Florida after shooting themselves in a Howard Johnson hotel.

1965: 52-year-old insurance executive died of a gunshot wound yesterday at his home in a fashionable section of Greenwich.

1965: disclosed Monday that a Female employee of the Greenwich Hospital cafeteria left a suicide note in her locked room Saturday and jumped into the incinerator.

1966: Florida man (former Greenwich resident) rents a plane and crashes it in a Greenwich resident's backyard purposely for plans of suicide.

1970: John Rice Jr., of New Canaan, kills his mother (a night supervisor of Greenwich Hospital), grandmother, younger brother, and younger sister. Wow-wee.

1974: Port Chester, NY- Gulliver's fire, started by Greenwich High School dropout Peter Leonard, killed 24 people, some of them Greenwich residents.

1976: Seven months and two days after Martha Moxley was found bludgeoned to death, the bodies of Joanne Kim Klein, 30, and her maid Martha Lema, 28, were found at their Perkins Road house on the night of June 2.

1979: Former Greenwich resident dies with girlfriend (a former Cos Cob resident) in a murder-suicide in Norwalk.

1982: a mother suffering from Marfan Syndrome kills her two children (also suffering from the disease) and herself at 14 Lincoln Avenue.

1982: Peter Richmond, a Greenwich Executive, found by lobster fisherman after comitting suicide off his boat.

1987: James Stewart, Caldor Executive and Greenwich resident died from jumping off Port Jefferson ferry.

Two boys, seniors at Greenwich High School, were found shot to death in Mianus River Park here Wednesday night, and today the state medical examiner declared the deaths a murder-suicide. The bodies were lying next to each other in a rocky area near a popular cookout site and a cave that regularly draws large numbers of young people down a mile-long trail from a parking area.

2004: Mass Transportation Association police have identified a woman struck and killed by a train Sunday night at the Central Station in Greenwich as Cos Cob resident Kyoko Loutham.

2005: "..the accident occurred at 12:40 a.m. on Sept. 2, 2005 on Round Hill Road in Greenwich near Lake Avenue. Kimia was impaired by alcohol and exceeding the speed limit when he lost control on a tight curve near Lake Avenue. His Volvo slammed into a tree, tearing off the passenger door and leaving a 200-foot trail of debris. Although wearing a seat belt, Brown suffered serious skull and face injuries and died as a result of the crash."

2007: "Early Saturday morning, the life of 19-year-old Steven Bawol was ended when his car inexplicably hit a tree on Stanwich Road."

2007: "The married couple were found dead in their residence at 51 Old Kings Highway on Dec. 21. According to a release issued on Tuesday, the department has officially determined that Shue Yin shot her husband, Wei Xia, and then took her own life."

2007: Zachary Cohn, the son of the president of SAC Capital, Brian Cohn, drowned on Saturday at about 6 p.m. in Greenwich, Conn., after getting stuck in the drain of his pool, local authorities said.

2008: "..after McPherson's bullet-riddled body was located on Sterling Road."

2008: Joseph Borselio, who died in October of 2008 after being struck by a drunken driver in Riverside, Sheep Hill Road..

2009: The driveway of 100 Sterling Road where a murder has taken place. Adam Dobrzanski is charged in killing his daughter Amanda, and attempted to commit suicide

2010: Boulder Brook Road - Woman dies in March Nor' Easter

2010: Nun struck and killed crossing road.

2010: "David Roberson died in a car accident at Riverside Avenue/Post Road interesection after leaving the RTM meeting Monday night."

What ever happened to Peter Leonard, is he still in jail for killing the 24 people in that fire? And John Rice Jr., after murdering most of his family?

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